One of Australia’s premiere art web sites where as a viewer and lover of art you can review and admire the work of talented Australian Artists both young and old, and as an Artist you can exhibit your work to collectors across a large and well established corporate network that I have a developed from working in the IT industry for many years.

If you are an artist please feel free to register your details on the registration page and send me some examples of your work. If you are a collector or a gallery owner and are interested in any of the art or Artists that have joined the Artists Life community please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]

Having lived with Artists my whole life, in particular my Father and my sister, and watching both the brilliance and the torment that artists are often subjected to, I felt compelled to build a business that that gives back to the artist and allows them to continue to live the Artists Life. The business and the site are in its infancy and will develop over the coming months and years but ultimately I will be opening up my corporate network to any artists that join the Artists life community with the majority of profits going back to the artist, allowing them to continue their passion and creativity. For some Artists the Artists life is one fraught with doubt about the quality and the content of their work for others their creativity is uncontrollable and the volume of work they create gets lost to time or left in the back of a studio or a cupboard gathering dust never to been seen again. Most artists I have met are poor business people that have difficulty executing a deadline or delivering a Sales strategy that will help them continue what they love to best, “Create”.

The ultimate goal of Artists Life is to help more Australian Artists get the recognition they deserve by assisting them to make more money from their passion and creativity. We need Australian artists to continue to be free thinking and focus on their talents. Artists Life will ultimately help Australian Artists to do this.

Andrew Charles, Director and Founder of Artists Life


Welcome to Artists Life. One of Australia’s premiere art web sites where as ...


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